This is the reference page for the XML element iati-organisation.


Top-level element for a single IATI organisation report.


This element must occur at least once (within each parent element).



The last date/time that the data for this specific organisation was updated. This date must change whenever the value of any field changes.

This value must be of type xsd:dateTime.


A code specifying the default language of text in this organisation. It is recommended that wherever possible only codes from ISO 639-1 are used.

This value should be on the Language codelist.


Default ISO 4217 currency code for all financial values in this activity report. If this is not declared then the currency attribute MUST be specified for all monetary values.

This value must be of type xsd:string.

This value must be on the Currency codelist.

@default-currency must exist, otherwise all currency must exist.

Example Usage

Example usage of iati-organisation.

This element is a parent for other child elements.
This example provides a dateTime of 2014-09-10T07:15:37Z for the @last-updated-datetime attribute.
A dateTime in UTC time is indicated by adding a Z behind the time
This example dateTime format conforms to the xsd:dateTime standard.
The @xml:lang attribute declares a valid code (en) from the Language codelist.
The @default-currency attribute declares a valid code (EUR) from the Currency codelist.
 <iati-organisation default-currency="EUR" last-updated-datetime="2014-09-10T07:15:37Z" xml:lang="en">

The iati-organisation element acts as a container for other sub-elements. It is closed as follows:




The version attribute was removed

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