This is the reference page for the XML element narrative. See also the relevant overview page: Result


The free text name or description of the item being described. This can be repeated in multiple languages.


The text in this element must be of type xsd:string.

This element must occur at least once (within each parent element).


Example Usage

The narrative child element can be used to declare freetext for the title element.

   <document-link format="application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text" url="">
     <narrative>Results Report 2013</narrative>
      <narrative>Report of results</narrative>
    <category code="A01" />
    <language code="en" />
    <document-date iso-date="2014-02-05" />
The narrative element can be repeated for any language additional to the default language set in iati-organisation, by using the @xml:lang attribute.
Note: This relates to the language of the text in the XML.



This mandatory narrative element of a title in a document-link element was added.

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