This is the reference page for the XML element dimension. See also the relevant overview page: Result


A category used for disaggregating the result by gender, age, etc.


This element may occur any number of times.



Freetext description of a category being disaggregated.

This value must be of type xsd:string.


Description of the value being disaggregated.

This value must be of type xsd:string.

Example Usage

Example of dimension in context of a baseline element (as part of a parent result/indicator element).

This example declares @name as sex, with a @value of female:
<dimension name="sex" value="female" />
The dimension element can be repeated within any target element:
     <baseline year="2012" iso-date="2012-01-01" value="10">
      <location ref="AF-KAN" />
      <location ref="KH-PNH" />
      <dimension name="sex" value="female" />
      <dimension name="age" value="adult" />
      <document-link format="application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text" url="http:www.example.org/docs/result_baseline_en.odt">
        <narrative>Results Baseline Report 2013</narrative>
         <narrative>Report of results baseline</narrative>
       <category code="A01" />
       <language code="en" />
       <document-date iso-date="2014-02-05" />
       <narrative>Baseline comment text</narrative>



The optional dimension element was added.

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