This is the reference page for the XML element contact-info. See also the relevant overview page: Contact Info


Contact information for the activity. Specify whatever is available. You may repeat this element for each contact person.


This element may occur any number of times.



The type of contact. See IATI codelist for values.

This value must be of type xsd:string.

This value must be on the ContactType codelist.

Example Usage

Example contact-info for an iati-activity.

This element is a parent for other child elements.
The @type attribute declares a valid code (1) from the ContactType codelist.
<contact-info type="1">
Full example with all child elements:
  <contact-info type="1">
    <narrative>Agency A</narrative>
    <narrative>Department B</narrative>
    <narrative>A. Example</narrative>
    <narrative>Transparency Lead</narrative>
    <narrative>Transparency House, The Street, Town, City, Postcode</narrative>



The optional contact-info/department element was added.


Added the optional contact-info/website element.

Added the optional contact-info/@type attribute.
Changed the following subelements of contact-info to allow multiple-language versions explicitly (no change to parsing; purely semantic):
  • organisation
  • person-name
  • job-title
  • mailing-address

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