This is the reference page for the XML element period-start. See also the relevant overview pages: Activity Dates, Budgets


The start of the budget period.


This element must occur once and only once (within each parent element).



This attribute is required.

This value must be of type xsd:date.

The time between period-start/@iso-date and period-end/@iso-date must not be over a year

period-start/@iso-date must be before or the same as period-end/@iso-date

Example Usage

Example usage of period-start of budget for an iati-activity.

An example date is declared in the @iso-date attribute.
This example date format conform to the xsd:date standard - for most cases YYYY-MM-DD is sufficient.
  <budget type="1" status="1">
   <period-start iso-date="2014-01-01" />
   <period-end iso-date="2014-12-31" />
   <value currency="EUR" value-date="2014-01-01">3000</value>

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