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Can occur: Min = 0, Max = Unlimited

Sector code and name. For the value of the @code attribute, see Either the @code attribute or descriptive text content must be present.

@code Machine-readable code for the entity being described.
@vocabulary The vocabulary (codelist) used for sector classifications. If omitted, assume DAC. "DAC" codes should be used wherever possible. It is also recommended that if a publisher has its own classification system then the vocabulary "RO" (Reporting Organisation's own vocabulary" should be used in addition to "DAC". NB that if multiple sector codes are used in multiple vocabularies then each vocabulary's percentages should add up to 100%. See
@percentage The percentage of the budget allocated to this item. Content must be a positive real number between 0 and 100, with no percentage sign.

This element also references "textAtts"

Attribute group for elements containing free text content.


Standard compliance test(s) for /sector/*


Page for revision 1.03. See this page for: revision 1.02, revision 1.01

Example Usage

A code for the sector can be declared:

<sector code="13040"/>

Additionally, a text description for the code can be provided:

<sector code="13040">STD control including HIV/AIDS</sector>

The vocabulary attribute can be used to declare which code reference list is in use. If this is omitted, then IATI assumes the DAC vocabulary.

<sector vocabulary="WB" code="BC">Central government administration</sector>

If the specific vocabulary in use is not on the vocabulary codelist, then the value of RO (Reporting Organisation) can be used:

<sector vocabulary="RO">Education</sector>
When multiple sectors are in use in the same activity, then the percentage attribute should be used - the total of all percentages within the same activity should total 100.
<sector code="13040" percentage="60">STD control including HIV/AIDS</sector>
<sector code="12220" percentage="40">Basic health care</sector>

Should a description be used that is different to the default language set for the activity, then this should be declared as follows:

<sector code="13040" xml:lang="en">STD control including HIV/AIDS</sector>



Where used, the @percentage attribute is now designated as a decimal value and no longer as a positive Integer