2.01 Changelog

Changes / additions to IATI Standard for version 2.01

Note: Version 2.01 was released on Tuesday 6 January 2015.

Schema Changes

A full diff of all schema changes in 2.01 can be found in the IATI GitHub

Activities schema

Activity Website: Removed Element

Element: activity-website (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
activity-website (removed)

Contact Info - Department: New Element

Element: contact-info/department (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
(none) contact-info/department

Description: Removed Attributes

(discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
country-budget-items/budget-item/description/@type (removed)
result/description/@type (removed)
result/indicator/description/@type (removed)

IATI Activity: Removed Attribute

Element: iati-activity (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
iati-activity/@version (removed)

Location: Removed Elements

Element: location (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
location/coordinates (removed)
location/gazetteer-entry (removed)
location/location-type (removed)

Location: Removed Attributes

Element: location (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
location/@percentage (removed)
location/administrative/@country (removed)
location/administrative/@adm1 (removed)
location/administrative/@adm2 (removed)

Other Flags: Renamed Element

The aid-type-flag element has been renamed to other-flags.

Element: crs-add/other-flags (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
aid-type-flag other-flags

Other Identifier: New Child Elements

The following elements were added to the other-identifier element:

(discussion | guidance)

Other Identifier: Removed / New Attributes

Element: other-identifier (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
other-identifier/@owner-name (removed)
other-identifier/@owner-ref (removed)
(none) other-identifier/@ref
(none) other-identifier/@type

Planned Disbursement: Removed/Renamed Attributes

Element: planned-disbursement (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
(none) planned-disbursement/@type
planned-disbursement/@last-updated (removed)

Transaction: New Child Elements

The following elements were added to the transaction element:

(discussion | guidance)

Organisations schema

Budget Line: New Element

A new budget-line element was added to the following elements.

(discussion | guidance)

Document Link: Bug Fix

Inconsistencies in the document-link element were identified and applied, around the mandatory use of the language and title child elements.

(discussion )

Freetext: Amended Elements

The ability to add free text has been removed from the following element:

(discussion | guidance)

  • Element: document-category

IATI Identifier: Renamed Element

The iati-organisation/iati-identifier element has been renamed to iati-organisation/organisation-identifier.

Element: iati-organisation/organisation-identifier (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
iati-organisation/iati-identifier iati-organisation/organisation-identifier

Narrative: New Elements

A narrative child element was added to the following elements, to enable the inclusion free text.

(discussion | guidance)

IATI Organisation: Removed Attribute

Element: iati-organisation (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
iati-organisation/@version (removed)

Common schema

Many substantial changes were made in 2.01. Both the organisation and activity schema draw on the common schema for common definitions of elements and types. The changes in the common schema are reflected in the sections above, so are not given in detail here. For further information see the CHANGES.txt file that can be found with the schema

XML supplementary schema

No substantial changes were made in 2.01, aside from essential version references.

Registry record schema

No substantial changes were made in 2.01, aside from essential version references.

Codelist Changes

New Codelists

IATI Organisation Identifier: New codelist

The IATIOrganisationIdentifier codelist has been created.

Codelist: IATIOrganisationIdentifier (discussion)

Other Identifier Type: New Codelist

Codelist: OtherIdentifierType (discussion | guidance)

Code Name Description
A1 Reporting Organisation’s internal activity identifier (none)
A2 CRS Activity identifier (none)
A3 Previous Activity Identifier The standard insists that once an activity has been reported to IATI its identifier MUST NOT be changed, even if the reporting organisation changes its organisation identifier. There may be exceptional circumstances in which this rule cannot be followed, in which case the previous identifier should be reported using this code.
A9 Other Activity Identifier (none)
B1 Previous Reporting Organisation Identifier (none)
B9 Other Organisation Identifier (none)

Policy Marker Vocabulary: New codelist

The PolicyMarkerVocabulary has been created, split from the deleted Vocabulary codelist.

Codelist: SectorVocabulary (discussion)

Sector Vocabulary: New codelist

The SectorVocabulary has been created, split from the deleted Vocabulary codelist.

Codelist: SectorVocabulary (discussion)

Version: New Codelist

Codelist: Version (discussion | guidance)

Code Name Description URL
1.01 (none) (none) http://iatistandard.org/101/
1.02 CRS Activity identifier (none) http://iatistandard.org/102/
1.03 (none) (none) http://iatistandard.org/103/
1.04 (none) (none) http://iatistandard.org/104/
1.05 (none) (none) http://iatistandard.org/105/
2.01 (none) (none) http://iatistandard.org/201/

Embedded codelist updates

Aid Type Flag: Renamed codelist

The AidTypeFlag codelist has been renamed to CRSAddOtherFlags.

Codelist: CRSAddOtherFlags (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
AidTypeFlag CRSAddOtherFlags

Activity Date Type: Amended codes

Codelist: ActivityDateType Type (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
start-planned 1
start-actual 2
end-planned 3
end-actual 4

Document Category: New codes

Codelist: DocumentCategory (discussion | guidance)

Code Name Description
A12 Activity web page (none)
B16 Organisation web page (none)
B17 Country/Region web page (none)
B18 Sector web page (none)

Gazetteer Agency: Amended codes

Codelist: GazetteerAgency (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01

Organisation Role: Amended codes

Codelist: OrganisationRole (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
Funding 1
Accountable 2
Extending 3
Implementing 4

Sector Vocabulary (was Vocabulary): Amended codes

Codelist: SectorVocabulary (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
DAC-3 4
WB 8
RO 99

Transaction Type: Amended codes

Codelist: TransactionType (discussion | guidance)

1.0x 2.01
IF 1
C 2
D 3
E 4
IR 5
LR 6
R 7
QP 8
Q3 9
CG 10

Vocabulary: Removed / split codelist

The Vocabulary has been removed, and split into two new codelists: SectorVocabulary and PolicyMarkerVocabulary.

Codelist: SectorVocabulary | SectorVocabulary (discussion)