Ruleset development

IATI rules and rulesets can be developed and deployed in a number of possible ways.

Different types of rules

So far, the Standard Ruleset deploys two types of rules:

  • Starts with - conditions around the formation of the iati-identifier
  • Date order - logics around the ordering of various date elements.

Other rules are also possible / feasible.

Making new rulesets

Individual rules can be used and re-used in various collections of Rulesets.

The Standard Ruleset could be extended by adding rules particular to a single publisher, to allow them, and others, to check the data they are producing matches a certain criteria.

Limitations of rulesets

Via the IATI Validator, Rulesets do not currently apply to an entire dataset, consisting of several files. Hence, a ruleset cannot test if an activity identifier has been used once, and only once, by a publisher across their entire dataset.

Rulesets do not allow for checks such as whether or not supplied text contains meaningful information.

Rulesets do not check codes against codelists.

Last updated on 2016-09-08