IATI Organisation Identifiers

In IATI, publishers are identified by their IATI org ID. You can form your IATI org ID by following the steps below. These steps should ensure that your ID is unique and will be approved by the IATI tech team.

1) Identify your registration agency

A list of registration agencies can be found at: http://org-id.guide/ Check whether your organisation is registered with one of the agencies on this list. If yes, please use the code provided as the first part of your IATI organisation identifier.

If you cannot find the agency your organisation is registered with then please send the name and website of the agency to: contact@org-id.guide. The org-ID team will then start the process of setting up a code for your registration agency.

Example 1:

Companies House is a registration agency in the UK. Its code is:



Example 2:

NGO’s Coordination Board is a registration agency in Kenya. Its code is:



2) Your registration number

The second part of your IATI org ID is the registration number your organisation has been given by the registration agency you have identified above. This can normally be found on your organisation’s registration certificate.

This should be added to your registration agency’s code with a dash (-). The registration number should be written exactly as is appears on your organisation’s registration certificate

Example 1:

Companies House has given Development Initiatives the registration number: 06368740


This is added to the Companies House code to form the IATI org ID:


Example 2:

The NGO’s Coordination Board gives each organisation a registration certificate. A registration number can be found on the top right of the certificate e.g. OP.111/222/3333/4444/5555

This is added to the NGO’s Coordination Board code to form the IATI org ID:


3) Verify your IATI org ID

The IATI support team needs to approve every IATI org ID. For this we need to see your registration number and who you are registered with. If your registration agency does not have a public list of all registered organisations, then please send a document containing your registration number to: support@iatistandard.org. Examples of these documents include your registration certificate or a contract*.

If you have any questions on this process. Please contact the IATI support team at support@iatistandard.org.

For a more technical overview please go to IATI Organisation Identifiers.

Last updated on 2018-02-19