Within the IATI activity standard there are three ways to describe the geography of an iati-activity:

  • recipient-country - the country that will benefit from the iati-activity.
  • recipient-region - geopolitical region (above the country level) that will benefit from the iati-activity.
  • location - a geographical location of the iati-activity.

In addition, the following can also be utilised:

  • activity-scope - to classify the geographic coverage of the the iati-activity.


When using the IATI activity standard to describe geography, the following should be considered:

  • When describing the recipient-country the relevant Country code must be used.
  • When describing the recipient-region the relevant Region code must be used.
  • It is possible to have multiple recipient-country in an iati-activity.
  • It is possible to have multiple recipient-region in an iati-activity.
  • When declaring multiple recipient-country or recipient-region then a @pecentage must be declared. These must sum to 100% across both elements per region vocabulary.
  • If a recipient-country is known, then a recipient-region is not expected.
  • If a recipient-country is not known, then a recipient-region is expected.
  • The activity-scope element should only be used once. It must use a relevant ActivityScope code.

2.01+ Considerations

In versions 2.01 and above, the following must also be considered:

  • It is not desirable to include the freetext name of any recipient-country or recipient-region. Only in exceptional circumstances - where the publishing organisation must provide different text to the name on the relevant Country or Region codelist.
  • Multiple recipient-country and recipient-region elements can be reported. In such cases, the @percentage must be declared, and sum to 100 across both elements per region vocabulary.
  • Both a recipient-country and recipient-region can also be published as child elements of a transaction. When this is done, it is expected that all transaction include such data, whilst the relevant element is subsequently not included at the iati-activity level.