IATI Standard (Single Source of Truth)

This documentation is about how the standard is stored and versioned. For the actual text of the standard, please see http://iatistandard.org/activities-standard/ and http://iatistandard.org/organisation-standard/

As of 1.04, the IATI Documentation of the IATI Standard is built from a “Single Source of Truth” (SSOT), which consists of several GitHub repositories.

See also, the original proposal.


In addition there are codelists in another repository IATI-Codelists-NonEmbedded which are not Embedded, that is any changes to them do not need to go through the Update process. Since it is versioned seperately, this is not a submodule of the IATI-Standard-SSOT repository.

The documentation on http://iatistandard.org/ is then built from the contents of these repositories, and also two repositories containing documentation that is not specific to a particular version of the standard: IATI-Guidance and IATI-Developer-Documentation.

Finding a specific version of the SSOT

This can be done via:

  • branches, which may change for typos and bugfixes e.g. version-1.04, see Branches

Versions prior to 1.04

Prior to 1.04 the only github repository was IATI-Schemas, so this is the only repository with tags and branches for 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03.