1.04 Changes

Changes / Additions to IATI Standard for version 1.04

Schema Changes

A full diff of all schema changes in 1.04 can be found in github at https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Schemas/compare/version-1.03...version-1.04#files_bucket

Activities schema

Codelist Changes

In 1.04 the idea of Embedded and Non-Embedded codelists was introduced. See /codelists/codelist-management for more information.

A codelist mapping file describing the mapping between codelists and xml elements, was introduced. (discussion)

Updated Codelists



  • File Format updated to include all IANA Media Types. Note that it no longer has names corresponding to the codes, as the source codelist does not have this. (discussion)
  • Location Type updated to include all US NGA Feature Designation Codes
  • DAC 5 Digit Sector re-aligned with DAC values (commit)
  • Country adds deprecated ISO value, AN that is still in use in some IATI data (commit)