This is the reference page for the XML element total-budget. See also the relevant overview page: Budgets


The total-budget element allows for the reporting of the organisation’s own budget. The recommendation is that, where and when possible, the organisation’s total annual planned budget for each of the next three years is reported.


This element may occur any number of times.

Example Usage

Example of total-budget for an iati-organisation.
This element is a parent for other child elements.
Full example with all child elements.
   <period-start iso-date="2014-01-01" />
   <period-end iso-date="2014-12-31" />
   <value currency="USD" value-date="2014-01-01">250000000</value>
   <budget-line ref="1234">
	<value currency="USD" value-date="2014-01-01">200000000</value>
	<narrative>Budget Line</narrative>
The total-budget element can be repeated in any iati-organisation.

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