When publishing IATI data, organisations should consider how to achieve the following:

  • Registered - IATI data should be logged and linked to from the IATI Registry.
  • Accessible - IATI data should be maintained, hosted and serviced as “open data”.
  • Licenced - IATI data should be published under a relevant open licence.


When providing open IATI data, publishers should also consider:

  • The IATI Registry does not host data - it links to data that is held elsewhere, usually on a publisher’s own website. It is the responsibility of publishers to maintain and publish their data in an accessible way.
  • Data linked to from the IATI Registry should not contain any barriers to access - such as passwords.
  • Data linked to the IATI Registry should be in XML, the format for IATI data.
  • A wide variety of licences are applicable to IATI data.


It’s useful to access open IATI data because:

  • When IATI data is linked to the IATI Registry, it makes it easier for users to locate and use it.
  • When IATI data is openly licensed, it ensures that data users can legally utilise it.

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