When publishing IATI data, organisations should consider how to achieve the following:

  • Codelists - IATI data should include codes that are published on the relevant IATI codelists.
  • Identifiers - IATI data should reference organisations involved in any activity in a structured way, using organisation identifiers.
  • Traceable - IATI data should reference IATI data published by other organisations, particularly if funds are being transferred between organisations.


When providing comparable IATI data, publishers should also consider:

  • The IATI codelists cover a wide range of fields and values. Where relevant, these are derived from existing codelists, maintained by external agencies.
  • When describing organisations, it is desirable to included a structured reference (organisation identifier) rather than just the name. Guidance is available on how to construct these.
  • Often it is the case that organisations share activity information via regular communication channels, to ensure that cross-references can be made within the data.


It’s useful to access comparable IATI data because:

  • When IATI data contains common codes, it can more easily be utilised in conjunction with other IATI datasets.
  • When IATI data includes structured identifiers, it can assist users to understand who/what is being referenced.
  • When IATI data is interoperable, it enables users to trace funds through the resource chain.

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