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1 Incoming Funds Funds recieved for use on the activity, which can be from an external or internal source.
2 Commitment A firm, written obligation from a donor or provider to provide a specified amount of funds, under particular terms and conditions, for specific purposes, for the benefit of the recipient.
3 Disbursement Outgoing funds that are placed at the disposal of a recipient government or organisation, or funds transferred between two separately reported activities.Under IATI traceability standards the recipient of a disbursement should also be required to report their activities to IATI.
4 Expenditure Outgoing funds that are spent on goods and services for the activity. The recipients of expenditures fall outside of IATI traceability standards.
5 Interest Repayment The actual amount of interest paid on a loan or line of credit, including fees.
6 Loan Repayment The actual amount of principal (amortisation) repaid, including any arrears.
7 Reimbursement A type of disbursement that covers funds that have already been spent by the recipient, as agreed in the terms of the grant or loan
8 Purchase of Equity Outgoing funds that are used to purchase equity in a business
9 Sale of Equity Incoming funds from the sale of equity.
10 Credit Guarantee A commitment made by a funding organisation to underwrite a loan or line of credit entered into by a third party.



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