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Code Name Description
11000 Donor Government  
11001 Central Government  
11002 Local Government  
11003 Public corporations  
11004 Other public entities in donor country  
12000 Recipient Government  
12001 Central Government  
12002 Local Government  
12003 Public corporations  
12004 Other public entities in recipient country  
13000 Third Country Government (Delegated co-operation)  
21045 African Medical and Research Foundation  
21046 Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development  
21001 Association of Geoscientists for International Development  
21063 Conservation International  
21005 Consumer Unity and Trust Society International  
21029 Doctors Without Borders  
47035 Environmental Development Action in the Third World  
21007 Environmental Liaison Centre International  
21503 Family Health International 360  
21011 Global Campaign for Education  
21013 Health Action International  
21024 Inter Press Service, International Association  
21038 International Alert  
21057 International Centre for Transitional Justice  
21016 International Committee of the Red Cross  
21044 International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders  
21018 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  
21020 International HIV/AIDS Alliance  
21022 International Network for Alternative Financial Institutions  
21042 International Peacebuilding Alliance  
21023 International Planned Parenthood Federation  
21061 International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims  
21504 International Relief and Development  
21506 International Rescue Committee  
21034 International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease  
21053 IPAS-Protecting Women’s Health, Advancing Women’s Reproductive Rights  
21054 Life and Peace Institute  
21501 OXFAM International  
21507 Pact World  
21031 PANOS Institute  
21032 Population Services International  
21505 Save the Children  
21041 Society for International Development  
21062 The Nature Conservancy  
21036 World University Service  
21502 World Vision  
22000 Donor country-based NGO  
21047 AgriCord  
21060 Association for the Prevention of Torture  
21006 Development Gateway Foundation  
21049 European Centre for Development Policy Management  
21008 Eurostep  
47042 Foundation for International Training  
21050 Geneva Call  
21014 Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems  
21015 International Catholic Rural Association  
21058 International Crisis Group  
21019 International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres  
21025 International Seismological Centre  
21026 International Service for Human Rights  
21027 ITF Enhancing Human Security  
21040 International Women’s Tribune Centre  
22501 OXFAM - provider country office  
22502 Save the Children - donor country office  
21033 Transparency International  
21037 Women’s World Banking  
21035 World Organisation Against Torture  
23000 Developing country-based NGO  
21059 Africa Solidarity Fund  
21048 Association of African Universities  
21010 Forum for African Women Educationalists  
21051 Institut Supérieur Panafricaine d’Economie Coopérative  
21028 International University Exchange Fund - IUEF Stip. in Africa and Latin America  
21003 Latin American Council for Social Sciences  
23501 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  
21030 Pan African Institute for Development  
21055 Regional AIDS Training Network  
31000 Public-Private Partnership (PPP)  
30008 Cities Alliance  
30016 European Fund for Southeast Europe  
30007 Global Alliance for ICT and Development  
30001 Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition  
30012 Global Climate Partnership Fund  
47043 Global Crop Diversity Trust  
30015 Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund  
30003 Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative  
30004 Global Water Partnership  
30005 International AIDS Vaccine Initiative  
30006 International Partnership on Microbicides  
30011 International Union for the Conservation of Nature  
30013 Microfinance Enhancement Facility  
30014 Regional Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa  
21056 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership  
30017 SANAD Fund for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  
30009 Small Arms Survey  
32000 Network  
47010 Commonwealth Agency for Public Administration and Management  
47028 Commonwealth Partnership for Technical Management  
21043 European Parliamentarians for Africa  
31004 Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative International Secretariat  
31001 Global Development Network  
31002 Global Knowledge Partnership  
21017 International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development  
31003 International Land Coalition  
31005 Parliamentary Network on the World Bank  
41000 United Nations agency, fund or commission (UN)  
41147 Central Emergency Response Fund  
41101 Convention to Combat Desertification  
41102 Desert Locust Control Organisation for Eastern Africa  
41106 Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific  
41105 Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia  
41103 Economic Commission for Africa  
41104 Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean  
41301 Food and Agricultural Organisation  
41318 Global Mechanism  
41317 Green Climate Fund  
41312 International Atomic Energy Agency - assessed contributions  
41107 International Atomic Energy Agency (Contributions to Technical Cooperation Fund Only)  
41108 International Fund for Agricultural Development  
41302 International Labour Organisation - Assessed Contributions  
41144 International Labour Organisation - Regular Budget Supplementary Account  
41145 International Maritime Organization - Technical Co-operation Fund  
41303 International Telecommunications Union  
41110 Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS  
41305 United Nations  
41111 United Nations Capital Development Fund  
41122 United Nations Children’s Fund  
41112 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development  
41142 United Nations Democracy Fund  
41310 United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations [only MINURSO, MINUSCA, MINUSMA, MINUSTAH, MONUSCO, UNAMID, UNIFIL, UNISFA, UNMIK, UNMIL, UNMISS, UNOCI]. Report contributions mission by mission in CRS++.  
41148 United Nations Department of Political Affairs, Trust Fund in Support of Political Affairs  
41114 United Nations Development Programme  
41314 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (extrabudgetary contributions only)  
41304 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation  
41146 United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women  
41116 United Nations Environment Programme  
41316 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change  
41313 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (extrabudgetary contributions only)  
41120 United Nations Human Settlement Programme  
41123 United Nations Industrial Development Organisation  
41125 United Nations Institute for Training and Research  
41315 United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction  
41126 United Nations Mine Action Service  
41502 United Nations Office for Project Services  
41127 United Nations Office of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs  
41121 United Nations Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  
41128 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime  
41311 United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window One: Flexible Contributions Only)  
41141 United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window Two: Restricted Contributions Only)  
41119 United Nations Population Fund  
41501 United Nations Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation  
41130 United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East  
41129 United Nations Research Institute for Social Development  
41133 United Nations Special Initiative on Africa  
41131 United Nations System Staff College  
41132 United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition  
41134 United Nations University (including Endowment Fund)  
41137 United Nations Voluntary Fund for Technical Co-operation in the Field of Human Rights  
41138 United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture  
41136 United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability  
41135 United Nations Volunteers  
41306 Universal Postal Union  
41503 UN-led Country-based Pooled Funds  
41140 World Food Programme  
41307 World Health Organisation - assessed contributions  
41143 World Health Organisation - core voluntary contributions account  
41308 World Intellectual Property Organisation  
41309 World Meteorological Organisation  
41319 World Tourism Organization  
42000 European Union Institution (EU)  
42001 European Commission - Development Share of Budget  
42003 European Commission - European Development Fund  
42004 European Investment Bank  
43000 International Monetary Fund (IMF)  
43005 International Monetary Fund - Post-Catastrophe Debt Relief Trust  
43002 International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Relief Initiative Trust Fund [includes HIPC, Extended Credit Facility (ECF), and ECF-HIPC sub-accounts]  
43004 International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative Trust  
43001 International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust  
43003 International Monetary Fund - Subsidization of Emergency Post Conflict Assistance/Emergency Assistance for Natural Disasters for PRGT-eligible members  
43006 Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust  
44000 World Bank Group (WB)  
44006 Advance Market Commitments  
44001 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development  
44002 International Development Association  
44003 International Development Association - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Initiative Trust Fund  
44007 International Development Association - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative  
44004 International Finance Corporation  
44005 Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency  
45000 World Trade Organisation  
45002 World Trade Organisation - Advisory Centre on WTO Law  
45003 World Trade Organisation - Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund  
45001 World Trade Organisation - International Trade Centre  
46000 Regional Development Bank  
46002 African Development Bank  
46003 African Development Fund  
46022 African Export Import Bank  
46008 Andean Development Corporation  
46004 Asian Development Bank  
46005 Asian Development Fund  
46026 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank  
46006 Black Sea Trade and Development Bank  
46009 Caribbean Development Bank  
46020 Central African States Development Bank  
46007 Central American Bank for Economic Integration  
46024 Council of Europe Development Bank  
46023 Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank  
46015 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  
46018 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Early Transition Countries Fund  
46017 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special funds (all EBRD countries of operations)  
46016 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special funds (ODA-eligible countries only)  
46019 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Western Balkans Joint Trust Fund  
46013 Inter-American Development Bank, Fund for Special Operations  
46012 Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Investment Corporation and Multilateral Investment Fund  
46025 Islamic Development Bank  
46021 West African Development Bank  
47000 Other multilateral institution  
47111 Adaptation Fund  
47009 African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education  
47001 African Capacity Building Foundation  
47137 African Risk Capacity Group  
47141 African Tax Administration Forum  
47005 African Union (excluding peacekeeping facilities)  
21002 Agency for International Trade Information and Co-operation  
47002 Asian Productivity Organisation  
47109 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Support Fund (except contributions tied to counter-terrorism activities)  
47068 Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission  
47003 Association of South East Asian Nations: Economic Co-operation  
47011 Caribbean Community Secretariat  
47012 Caribbean Epidemiology Centre  
47145 Center of Excellence in Finance  
47112 Central European Initiative - Special Fund for Climate and Environmental Protection  
47015 CGIAR Fund  
47134 Clean Technology Fund  
47027 Colombo Plan  
47105 Common Fund for Commodities  
47013 Commonwealth Foundation  
47025 Commonwealth of Learning  
47132 Commonwealth Secretariat (ODA-eligible contributions only)  
47026 Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries  
47022 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna  
47138 Council of Europe  
47037 Eastern-Regional Organisation of Public Administration  
47113 Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa  
47034 Economic Community of West African States  
47036 European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation  
47504 Forest Carbon Partnership Facility  
47040 Forum Fisheries Agency  
47106 Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces  
47123 Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining  
47503 Global Agriculture and Food Security Program  
47122 Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization  
47129 Global Environment Facility - Least Developed Countries Fund  
47130 Global Environment Facility - Special Climate Change Fund  
47044 Global Environment Facility Trust Fund  
47502 Global Fund for Disaster Risk Reduction  
47045 Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria  
47136 Global Green Growth Institute  
47501 Global Partnership for Education  
47116 Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Least Developed Countries  
47061 Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture  
47065 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission  
47067 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  
47019 International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies  
47050 International Cotton Advisory Committee  
47059 International Development Law Organisation  
30010 International drug purchase facility  
47107 International Finance Facility for Immunisation  
47058 International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance  
47064 International Network for Bamboo and Rattan  
47066 International Organisation for Migration  
47046 International Organisation of the Francophonie  
47073 International Tropical Timber Organisation  
47074 International Vaccine Institute  
47076 Justice Studies Centre of the Americas  
47127 Latin-American Energy Organisation  
47077 Mekong River Commission  
47078 Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol  
47117 New Partnership for Africa’s Development  
47128 Nordic Development Fund  
47081 OECD Development Centre  
47142 OPEC Fund for International Development  
47080 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Contributions to special funds for Technical Co-operation Activities Only)  
47079 Organisation of American States  
47082 Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States  
47140 Organisation of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture  
47110 Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation  
47131 Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe  
47087 Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat  
47097 Pacific Regional Environment Programme  
47083 Pan-American Health Organisation  
47084 Pan-American Institute of Geography and History  
47086 Private Infrastructure Development Group  
47118 Regional Organisation for the Strengthening of Supreme Audit Institutions of Francophone Sub-Saharan Countries  
47119 Sahara and Sahel Observatory  
47029 Sahel and West Africa Club  
47096 Secretariat of the Pacific Community  
47120 South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation  
47092 South East Asian Fisheries Development Centre  
47093 South East Asian Ministers of Education  
47095 South Pacific Board for Educational Assessment  
47089 Southern African Development Community  
47135 Strategic Climate Fund  
47121 United Cities and Local Governments of Africa  
47098 Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organisation  
47100 West African Monetary Union  
47139 World Customs Organization Customs Co-operation Fund  
47143 Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund  
47144 International Renewable Energy Agency  
50000 (withdrawn) Other  
51000 University, college or other teaching institution, research institute or think‑tank  
47101 Africa Rice Centre  
47069 Bioversity International  
47018 Centre for International Forestry Research  
21004 Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa  
47041 Food and Fertilizer Technology Centre  
21009 Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa  
47047 International African Institute  
47051 International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas  
47055 International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture  
47053 International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh  
47017 International Centre for Tropical Agriculture  
47054 International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology  
47057 International Crop Research for Semi-Arid Tropics  
51001 International Food Policy Research Institute  
21021 International Institute for Environment and Development  
21039 International Institute for Sustainable Development  
47062 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture  
47063 International Livestock Research Institute  
47020 International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre  
47021 International Potato Centre  
47070 International Rice Research Institute  
47071 International Seed Testing Association  
47075 International Water Management Institute  
47099 University of the South Pacific  
47056 World AgroForestry Centre  
47103 World Maritime University  
47008 World Vegetable Centre  
47104 WorldFish Centre  
52000 (withdrawn) Other  
60000 Private sector institution  
61000 Private sector in provider country  
61001 Private bank in provider country  
61002 Private exporter in provider country  
61003 Private investor in provider country  
61004 Other non-bank entity in provider country  
62000 Private sector in recipient country  
62001 Private bank in recipient country  
62002 Joint-venture in recipient country  
62003 Other non-bank in recipient country  
63000 Private sector in third country  
63001 Private bank in third country  
63002 Private non-bank in third country  
90000 Other