Within the IATI activity standard conditions that relate to an iati-activity can be described:

  • conditions - a container element to declare whether condition are attached.
  • condition - the specific statement around a condition.


When using the IATI activity standard to declare conditions, the following should be considered:

  • An iati-activity does not require a conditions statement, if none are relevant.
  • However, it is also valid to declare that no conditions are attached to a specific iati-activity via the @attached attribute.
  • For every condition a relevant ConditionType code is expected.
  • When multiple condition exist, these can be presented separately within the same conditions element.
  • The same condition can be presented in different languages, by using the narrative child element`` and the relevant xml:lang.
  • The free-text to describe the condition should avoid jargon

2.01 Considerations

In version 2.01, the following must also be considered:

  • Any freetext condition text must be included in the child narrative element, which can be repeated for different languages.