This is the reference page for the XML element result. See also the relevant overview page: Result


A container for reporting outputs, outcomes, impacts and other results that stem directly from the activity. This may be repeated for each type of result reported.


This element may occur any number of times.



An IATI code for the type of result being reported.

This attribute is required.

This value must be of type xsd:string.

This value must be on the ResultType codelist.


Boolean flag indicating whether the data in the result set are suitable for aggregation.

This value must be of type xsd:boolean.

Example Usage

Example result for an iati-activity.

This element is a parent for other child elements.
The @type attribute declares a valid code (1) from the ResultType codelist.
The @aggregation-status 1 boolean is included, for illustration of suitability for aggregation.
<result type="1" aggregation-status="1">
Full example with all child elements:
  <result type="1" aggregation-status="1">
	<narrative>Result title</narrative>    
    <narrative>Result description text</narrative>   
   <indicator measure="1" ascending="1">
      <narrative>Indicator title</narrative>   		 
      <narrative>Indicator description text</narrative>
     <baseline year="2012" value="10">
	   <narrative>Baseline comment text</narrative>
      <period-start iso-date="2013-01-01" />
      <period-end iso-date="2013-03-31" />
      <target value="10">
        <narrative>Target comment text</narrative>			
      <actual value="11">
		<narrative>Actual comment text</narrative>
The result element can be repeated in any iati-activity.

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