This is the reference page for the XML element capital-spend. See also the relevant overview page: Budgets


The percentage of the total commitment that is for capital spending


This element must occur no more than once (within each parent element).



The percentage of the total commitment allocated to or planned for capital expenditure. Content must be a positive decimal number between 0 and 100, with no percentage sign.

This attribute is required.

This value must be of type xsd:decimal.

The value of each of the elements described by capital-spend/@percentage must be at least 0.0 (inclusive).

Example Usage

Example capital-spend of an iati-activity.

This example uses the @percentage attribute to state 88.8% of the total commitment for the iati-activity is for capital expenditure.
  <capital-spend percentage="88.8" />



This is a new element, introduced in version 1.03 of the standard

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