Decimal Upgrade to 1.05ΒΆ

Version 1.05 of the IATI Standard was released on 6th October 2014.

Details about the specific changes are listed in the 1.05 Changelog.

Discussions on changes can be found in the 1.05 Decimal Upgrade Forum.

Ideas, suggestions and issues for future upgrades can be accessed and added in the knowledge base.

IATI Community Timescale Final Dates Notes 2.01 dates
A clear cut off date for new submissions should be advertised.     3rd July Announcement goes out on or before this date.  
No more submissions accepted after due date   2 weeks 17th July    
The TAG technical team should have agreed as to which proposals should go forward to the next upgrade, and communicated this with the community. These are flagged on the knowledge base as under consideration. Announcement is made on due date Individuals may be contacted and asked for opinion/clarity. usually within 1 week 28th July   2.01 Second Consultation due date cut off
Consultation Community debate: During this time the community can help shape the proposals, and discuss what has been included or left out. Over a two week period (three weeks during Summer) 18th August Consultation ends...  
Proposals refined and worked up into finished examples. Aligns with 2.01 at this point. Nothing to do - however, during this time the community may be able called upon to help shape the proposals, but this is likely a task for someone to sit and write stuff! within 1 week 8th September   Iteration 3 published
The community has until the due date to inspect both 1.05 and 2.01 changes During this time the community can help shape the proposals over a 2 week period 22nd September    
Final Version of 2.01 completed and ready for the Steering Committee. Final version of 1.05 available. Nothing to do - at this stage, this is a task for the TAG secretariat, (people will still have a chance to air their views later in the process, and may be called upon for help or clarification). within 1 week 29th September    
1.05 goes live week before steering committee     6th October