Type of Organisations


Within the IATI organisation standard three types of organisations can be declared:

  • reporting-org - the organisation publishing the data within the organisation file.
  • iati-organisation - the organisation that the data is about
  • recipient-org - the organisation in receipt of budgets specified in recipient-org-budget


When using the IATI organisation standard to declare organisations, the following should be considered:

  • In many cases, an organisation file will contain information from the perspective of a single iati-organisation. Most commonly, this will be the same as the reporting-org
  • Multiple iati-organisation can be described in a single organisation file.
  • reporting-org and iati-organisation should include reference to their associated unique iati-identifier
  • For reporting-org, inclusion of the OrganisationType code is recommended.
  • An iati-organisation should include a name element - free text title of the organisation
  • Single or multiple recipient-org entries can be recorded.
  • For each recipient-org multiple forward looking recipient-org-budget can be recorded.

Further Guidance

Please also consider and refer to the Organisation Identifiers guidance when constructing an appropriate identifier.

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