IATI Organisation


Within the IATI organisation standard. the iati-organisation is the building block to describe organisations.

An iati-organisation represents a distinct grouping of information that reports various facts about an organisation.
For each iati-organisation described, the following are expected as a minium:
  • iati-identifier is the unique reference for the organisation.
  • name - a human-readable name of the organisation.


When using the IATI organisation standard to declare an iati-organisation, the following should be considered:

  • Every iati-organisation must use a globally unique iati-identifier

  • The iati-identifier should have no leading or trailing whitespace.

  • It is recommended that no forward slashes (/) or spaces should be contained within the iati-identifier.

  • It is recommended to avoid spaces and non-ascii characters. For example:
    • AA-AAA-123456789 is preferable to AA-AAA 123456789.
  • A default language and default-currency can be set for any iati-organisation. This can be overridden in subsequent elements.

  • The last-updated-datetime date must change whenever the value of any field within the associated iati-organisation are updated.

  • The name can be repeated for different languages.

  • The free-text instance of name should avoid use of text in CAPITALS, where possible.

Further Guidance

Please also consider and refer to the Organisation Identifiers guidance when constructing an appropriate identifier.