This is the reference page for the XML element recipient-country-budget. See also the relevant overview page: Budgets


The recipient-country-budget element allows for the reporting of forward looking budgets for each country in which the organisation operates. The recommendation is that, where and when possible, the organisation’s total annual planned budget for each of the next three financial years is reported for each recipient country. It is strongly recommended that the start and end of the reported financial years match those of the recipient country’s budgetary/planning cycle.

Example Usage

Example of recipient-country-budget for a single recipient-country AA.
Periods are stated using period-start and period-end, with dates in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).
This example recipient-country-budget is reported for years 2014, *2015 and 2016.
The value example includes a currency of USD - which differs from that set as default-currency in iati-organisation.
The value-date is reported in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).
Note: multiple budgets are expressed by repeating the recipient-country-budget element.
   <recipient-country code="AA">Country Name</recipient-country>
   <period-start iso-date="2014-01-01" />
   <period-end iso-date="2014-12-31" />
   <value currency="USD" value-date="2014-01-01">25000000</value>
   <recipient-country code="AA">Country Name</recipient-country>
   <period-start iso-date="2015-01-01" />
   <period-end iso-date="2015-12-31" />
   <value currency="USD" value-date="2014-01-01">30000000</value>
   <recipient-country code="AA">Country Name</recipient-country>
   <period-start iso-date="2016-01-01" />
   <period-end iso-date="2016-12-31" />
   <value currency="USD" value-date="2014-01-01">35000000</value>

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