This is the reference page for the XML element iati-organisations.


Top-level list of one or more IATI organisation records.



A number indicating the IATI specification version in use.

This value must be of type xsd:decimal.


A date/time stamp for when this file was generated. This is not necessarily the last-updated date for the individual organisation records in it. Uses ISO 8601 date format, e.g. “2010-03-12T18:45:00+01:00”. Use of this attribute is highly recommended, to allow recipients to know when a file has been updated.

This value must be of type xsd:dateTime.

Example Usage

Example of iati-organisations with generated-datetime of on 2nd September 2014. The version of 1.05 of the IATI organisation standard is stated:

<iati-organisations generated-datetime="2014-09-02T16:15:37" version="1.05">

The iati-organisation element acts as a container for other sub-elements. It is closed as follows:


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