The Implementation Schedule

The purpose of the Implementation Schedule is to:

  • Document an organisation’s publishing policies to provide context to its published data files
  • Help an organisation plan what they are publishing to the IATI Standard, when and how, as well as indicating what they are not able to publish
  • Enable data users and others to confirm that an organisation is delivering on its publishing commitments

The Implementation Schedule (available in both MS Excel and Open Document formats) is a living document and should ideally be periodically reviewed and updated (and version controlled).

The drafting of the Implementation Schedule can be done in parallel with preparing data for publication and should be published alongside IATI data (by adding the url in the specified field in your Registry account).

Completing an Implementation Schedule is mandatory for organisations who endorsed the Busan outcome document or who have a grant or contract from DFID that requires publishing to IATI. For other publishers, we strongly recommended that it is used as a planning and publishing aid.

Common Standard Implementation Schedule

If your organisation endorsed the outcome document from the fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan (specifically para. 23 c) then the Common Standard Implementation Schedule should be used:

DFIs (Development Finance Institutions) and IFIs (International Financial Institutions) Implementation Schedule

This version can be downloaded in:

All Other Publishers Implementation Schedule

This version can be downloaded in: