Updating Your Data and Making Changes to Your Organisation Details

Once an organisation has initially published their first data sets they need to ensure that their data is updated regularly. The IATI Technical Team recommends that organisations update their data monthly, or more frequently. At a minimum data should be updated quarterly.

The IATI Standard recognises that organisation details do change over time. The sections below cover the key changes that publishers might need to make.

Updating Your Datafiles

Publish once and update your files regularly

Once organisations publish to IATI, no data should ever be removed or deleted from published files. It is intended that once published, data remains permanently available. However, it is important that data files are updated regularly and in line with the frequency as specified in a publisher’s IATI Registry account. What we mean by ‘updating regularly’ is providing an up-to-date information about the movement of resources at a current point in time (whether that will be at activity or organisation level), providing more comprehensive data and overall improving the quality of the data published to IATI.

Publishers should NOT create additional new files that only contain the most recent information- data should be updated within the existing activity or organisation file. Data should be cumulative (e.g. if publishing every quarter, your existing activity file will include the quarter being reported on, and the previous quarter reported last time, and so on). It will also enable amendments to be made to existing data.

Changes to IATI activity identifier

IATI Activity Identifiers (also referred to as IATI identifiers) are the unique codes given to each activity. Once published, these must never change. IATI Activity Identifiers are linked to their reporting organisation’s IATI Org ID.

In cases where the IATI Org ID has changed, the IATI Activity Identifiers must not change and still remain the same. In order to reflect the changes with the IATI Org ID, the element <other-identifier> must be used. Please see step 4 of Changing an Organisation’s IATI Org ID below for further details.

You will need to refer to the specific guidance of the tool that you are using to publish in order to find out how to update pre-existing datafiles.

Change of Organisation IATI Contact

As people frequently change job it is quite common that the nominated point of contact for IATI within an organisation will change over time. When this occurs please contact the IATI Technical Support Team by emailing us at support@iatistandard.org to let us know the name of the new contact so that we can update our records accordingly.

In addition, the name of the IATI point of contact should be updated in the IATI Registry (check your user account, publisher account and datafiles for contacts details).

Change of Organisation Name

If an organisation has legally changed their name this can be updated on the IATI Registry. This can be done by going to their publisher page and clicking the ‘manage’ button on the top right hand side. The name should also be updated on the IATI Registry in an organisation’s IATI organisation and activity files. The publisher’s name is likely to be included in the <reporting-org>, <participating-org> and <narrative> elements.

Two further points should be considered:

  1. The publisher should decide if they want to change their Registry Publisher ID to something that more closely matches their new name. If this is the case, the steps under ‘Changing an Organisation’s Publisher ID’ should be followed.
  2. If the change of name is due to a structural or legal change, and has essentially become a new organisation, e.g. it has merged with another organisation and/or has re-registered with its regulating body then its IATI Org ID will need to be changed. If this is the case, the steps under ‘Changing an Organisation’s IATI Org ID’ should be followed.

Changing an Organisation’s IATI Org ID

Each publisher account on the IATI Registry needs to be approved by the IATI Technical Team. This ensures that organisations are using the correct IATI Org ID. Once an account has been approved the organisation’s IATI Org ID should not be changed unless there is a structural or legal change which requires this e.g. the organisation has essentially become a new organisation by merging with another organisation and/or has re-registered with its regulating body.

A number of steps need to be followed to ensure that the change is implemented correctly so that data users can continue to use the organisation’s data efficiently:

  1. The publisher should alert the IATI Technical Team via support@iatistandard.org, that they are planning on updating their IATI Org ID, specify what the new IATI Org ID will be and what action they are intending to take regarding their published IATI files.
  2. On the IATI Registry the publisher needs to update their IATI Org ID. This is done by logging in to the IATI Registry and going to the organisation’s Publisher Page. There is a ‘Manage’ button on the top right side of the page that will allow the publisher to update the IATI Org ID.
  3. The publisher should update any of their new or existing published IATI files. In every occasion where the organisation’s IATI Org ID is mentioned e.g. in the <reporting-org> element this should be updated. However, IATI Activity IDs and IATI identifiers must not be updated.
  4. If publishing at v2.x of the IATI Standard, the element <other-identifier> should be added to each activity, with the attributes @ref and @type. The @ref attribute should contain the previous IATI Org ID and the @type code should be ‘B1’, which is ‘Previous Reporting Organisation Identifier’.

Changing an Organisation’s Publisher ID

Each publisher account on the IATI Registry has a unique Publisher ID. This is usually an abbreviation of the publisher’s name and is used as part of the URL for their publisher page on the internet. We do not advise that organisations change their their Publisher ID. However, if an organisation does decide to change it, they need to follow the steps below to ensure that tools which use IATI data can still import the organisation’s published IATI xml files correctly.

The steps to follow are:

  1. The publisher should contact the IATI Technical Support Team (support@iatistandard.org) to let them know that the organisation is planning to change its Publisher ID.
  2. The publisher should update the Registry Publisher ID. This can be done by logging into the IATI Registry, going to the publisher page and clicking on ‘Manage’ on the top side of the page. If using a publishing tool, the organisation should check if they need to update their publisher ID on this tool too e.g. this is the case when using AidStream.
  3. The publisher should delete all existing datafiles from their publisher account. This removes the connection between the IATI Registry and their IATI xml files but does not delete the place where the actual files are hosted. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Datasets’ tab once the Publisher ID has been updated.
  4. The publisher should then re-publish their datafiles to their updated Registry Publisher Account.
  5. The IATI Technical Support Team will then arrange for redirects from the old datafiles to be set up so that any third party users of the organisation’s datafiles will be able to find the new files.