DAC 3 Digit Sector

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Code Name Description Category URL
111 Education, Level Unspecified The codes in this category are to be used only when level of education is unspecified or unknown (e.g. training of primary school teachers should be coded under 11220).    
112 Basic Education      
113 Secondary Education      
114 Post-Secondary Education      
121 Health, General      
122 Basic Health      
123 Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)      
130 Population Policies/Programmes & Reproductive Health      
140 Water Supply & Sanitation      
151 Government & Civil Society-general N.B. Use code 51010 for general budget support.    
152 Conflict, Peace & Security N.B. Further notes on ODA eligibility (and exclusions) of conflict, peace and security related activities are given in paragraphs 76-81 of the Directives.    
160 Other Social Infrastructure & Services      
210 Transport & Storage Note: Manufacturing of transport equipment should be included under code 32172.    
220 Communications      
231 Energy Policy      
232 Energy generation, renewable sources      
233 Energy generation, non-renewable sources      
234 Hybrid energy plants      
235 Nuclear energy plants      
236 Energy distribution      
240 Banking & Financial Services      
250 Business & Other Services      
311 Agriculture      
312 Forestry      
313 Fishing      
321 Industry      
322 Mineral Resources & Mining      
323 Construction      
331 Trade Policies & Regulations      
332 Tourism      
410 General Environment Protection Covers activities concerned with conservation, protection or amelioration of the physical environment without sector allocation.    
430 Other Multisector      
510 General Budget Support Budget support in the form of sector-wide approaches (SWAps) should be included in the respective sectors.    
520 Developmental Food Aid/Food Security Assistance      
530 Other Commodity Assistance Non-food commodity assistance (when benefiting sector not specified).    
600 Action Relating to Debt      
720 Emergency Response An emergency is a situation which results from man made crises and/or natural disasters.    
730 Reconstruction Relief & Rehabilitation This relates to activities during and in the aftermath of an emergency situation. Longer-term activities to improve the level of infrastructure or social services should be reported under the relevant economic and social sector codes. See also guideline on distinguishing humanitarian from sector-allocable aid.    
740 Disaster Prevention & Preparedness See codes 41050 and 15220 for prevention of floods and conflicts.    
910 Administrative Costs of Donors      
930 Refugees in Donor Countries      
998 Unallocated / Unspecified Contributions to general development of the recipient should be included under programme assistance (51010).