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DAC/CRS distinction between ODA (official development assistance) and other types of resource flow.

External URL: http://www.oecd.org/dac/stats/dacandcrscodelists.htm

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Code Name Description Category URL
10 ODA Official Development Assistance    
20 (withdrawn) OOF Other Official Flows    
21 Non-export credit OOF Other Official Flows, excl. export credits.    
22 Officially supported export credits Officially supported export credits. Covers both official direct export credits and private export credits under official guarantee or insurance.    
30 Private grants made by NGOs and other civil society organisations (e.e. philantropic foundations) based in the reporting DAC country    
35 (withdrawn) Private market Private market    
36 Private Foreign Direct Investment Private Foreign Direct Investment.    
37 Other Private flows at market terms Private long-term (i.e. over one-year maturity) capital transactions made by residents of DAC countries.    
40 Non flow e.g. GNI    
50 Other flows e.g. non-ODA component of peacebuilding operations)