This is the reference page for the XML element title.


A short, human-readable title. May be repeated for different languages.



ISO 2 letter code specifying the language of text in this element.

This value should be on the Language codelist.

Example Usage

Example title for an iati-activity:

  <title>Activity title</title>

If a default langage has not been declared in the iati-activity element, then a language should be specified

<title xml:lang="en">Activity title</title>

It may be appropriate to repeat the title in other languages using xml:lang attribute. In this example, the language en has been set in the ‘’iati-activity’’ element:

  <title>Activity title</title>
  <title xml:lang="fr">Titre de l'activité</title>
  <title xml:lang="es">Título de la actividad</title>

Note: It is recommended to provide a title in the language(s) spoken in the country(ies) where the iati-activity take place, or is aimed at.

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