This is the reference page for the XML element gazetteer-entry. See also the relevant overview page: Geography


Deprecated since 1.04

Identifier for this location’s entry in a geographical gazetteer, such as GEOnet. The entry identifier is the element content.



Deprecated since 1.04

Reference to the gazetteer containing the entry.


This value must be of type xsd:string.

This value must be on the GazetteerAgency codelist.

Example Usage

NB: this element is deprecated in version 1.04

Example for the Herat region of Afghanistan - which has an ID of 1140026 on

To find Herat on you would create a link like this:

The IATI gazeteer-ref for geonames is GEO, so the element would look like:

  <gazetteer-entry gazeteer-ref="GEO">1140026</gazetteer-entry>



Deprecated in 1.04
The location/location-id element which identifies both gazetteer and administrative area vocabularies and codes should be used instead.

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