This is the reference page for the XML element iati-identifier. See also the relevant overview page: IATI Identifier


The iati-identifier element is used in both Activity files and Organisation files, and has a slightly different meaning depending on where it is being used, and should not be confused.

When used in an organisation it is a globally unique identifier for that organisation.

When used in an activity it is a globally unique identifier for that activity. This should be in the form of the IATI Organisation Identifier (for the reporting organisation) concatenated to that organisation’s activity identifier. (NB. Two or more reporting organisations may publish information on the same activity.)


iati-identifier should start with the value in reporting-org/@ref

Example Usage

Example iati-identifier AA-AAA-123456789-ABC123:

Illustration the concatenation of the reporting-org identifier AA-AAA-123456789 and the internal activity identifier ABC123:


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