This is the reference page for the XML element conditions. See also the relevant overview page: Conditions


Conditions attached to the activity.



A yes/no (1/0) value stating whether there are conditions attached to the activity.

This value must be of type xsd:boolean.

Example Usage

The conditions element acts as a container for other sub elements. | | Example of no conditions attached to the iati-activity :

<conditions attached="0"/>

Example of conditions attached to the iati-activity, expressed through the bolean 1:

  <conditions attached="1">
   <condition type="1">Conditions text</condition>

From version 1.04, the schema allows the xml:lang attribute to also be included in the sub-element condition | | Example of an iati-activity with two conditions, declared in the default language of en, and also fr:

  <conditions attached="1">
   <condition type="1">Conditions text</condition>
   <condition xml:lang="fr" type="1">Conditions texte</condition>
   <condition type="2">Conditions text</condition>
   <condition xml:lang="fr" type="2">Conditions texte</condition>

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