The IATI standard consists of a number of schema, the main ones being Organisation and Activity.
Summary tables of the Activity Schema and of the Organisation Schema are also available.

Core Schema

The current suite IATI XML schemas consists of the following components:

  • iati-organisations-schema.xsd - XML schema for describing an organisation involved in any stage development cooperation (funding, implementing etc.).
  • iati-activities-schema.xsd - XML Schema for describing the details of individual development cooperation activities/projects.

Supplementary Schema

In addition to the Organisation and Activity. core terms are described in the following:
  • iati-common.xsd - A supplementary schema with common IATI markup.  Must be in the same directory as the Organisation and Activity schema.
  • xml.xsd -  A supplementary schema that must be in the same directory as the Organisation and Activity schema.

Metadata Schema

The Registry Record provides a common format for the reporting of metadata to the IATI Registry.
Please note: Usage of this schema is not mandatory.

Updates to IATI Schema

The IATI standard is a living entity that requires improvement over time.
A CHANGES.txt -  provides a comprehensive change log.

Previous schemas

Previous versions of the IATI Schema are available: